Volunteer Gallery/Office Staff, Catskill

Dara Young, Editor, Calendar & Opportunities
Jeanne Heiberg, Coordinator I Love You Greene
Wayne Sheridan, Arts Alive Contributor
William Carbone, Andi Parazzo, Dara Trahan,

Catskill Gallery Committees & Volunteers

Donna Barrett, Athena Billias, Jill Burkholder, Lynn Breslin, Patti Ferrara, Lorrie Fredette, Kico Govantes, Peter Head, Ashley Hopkins-Benton, Bob Hoven, Eli Joseph-Hunter, Erika Klein, Ruth Leonard, Daniel Marcus, Heather Martin, Erica Potrzeba, Valerie Richmond, Ruth Sachs, Paul Smart, Joan Snyder, Ken Snyder, Rob Shannon, Carol Swierzowski, Richard Talcott, Dara Young … and a host of people like you!

If you are interested in joining the team of regular and occasional volunteers who help make the programs of GCCA possible, please contact the GCCA Offices, 518/943-3400 518/943-3400, or the GCCA Mountaintop Gallery, 518/734-3104 518/734-3104