Animal, Myth, Magic

Published on December 11, 2012

Elin Menzies and Fred Adell

Opening Saturday, January 26 from 2-5 PM

On view through March 9th, 2013

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM

Upstairs at the GCCA Catskill Gallery, 398 Main Street, Catskill, NY


Elin Menzies, Crow and Crowboy Admire the Giant Poppy

The title for Animals, Myth, Magic came from Elin Menzies essay on her work referencing the ancient origins of animal figures in art from the Lescaux Cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphs and mythology.  Animals inspire our legends, appear as sacred symbols in our inheritance from the Native Americans, populate our iconography and fables.  Menzies’ animals have great powers “used for helping humans, especially for healing or protection… also as our bridge to spirituality through nature…”  Her paintings conjure a poetic menagerie of personal stories that connect us and her work to the collective wisdom the first artists.


Fred Adell, Wooly Mammoth,  paper mache & acrylic relief, 36 X 24″

Naïve artist, Fred Adell creates pairs of paintings and sculptures out of a fascination with New York City’s zoo inhabitants and science museum displays.  His work illustrates another important human/animal bond- the awe, fear and instruction we gain from close observation of our animal brethren.  Adell’s painting, Mountain Lion and Cubs shows a cuddly cat family against the zoo’s painted mural backdrop.  Its companion sculpture reveals the animal’s wilder side, ready to spring from a dangerous crouch.  Adell’s mixed media Timber Wolves drawing is a perfect reference to our symbiotic relationship with these animals who have continually adapted to our own constantly sprawling habitat.  The expressive desktop-sized  sculpture shows the pack howling at an unseen moon.  Adell’s paper-mache and acrylic relief Woolley Mammoth extends 3” from the panel’s surface, a masterpiece interpreting the beast’s immense energy in a field of fierce wintery weather.