2015 County Initiative Program (CIP) Awards

GCCA Announces 2015 Cultural Fund Awards Through the County Initiative Program (CIP)

The Greene County Council on the Arts (GCCA) is pleased to announce the recipients of regrant awards through the Greene County Initiative Program (CIP). Eleven not-for-profit organizations in Greene County have been awarded $17,500 in funding in support of cultural programming and activities for 2015.

The County Initiative Program (CIP) was established in 1983 to provide funding from the Greene County Legislature to major Greene County cultural institutions that offer quality professional services and programs. With invaluable support from the County, this funding continues to promote the development, growth and viability of major Greene County organizations.

Funding awards are competitive and are determined by a select panel of artists, arts professionals, and community members. Deepest appreciation goes to this year’s panelists for the Greene County Initiative Program (CIP). Our five panelists were: Deborah Allen, former Publisher of Black Dome Press, Hensonville; Keith Batten, Stage Director & Visual Artist with an international career spanning 30 years, Climax; Christine Hughes, Visual Artist, Ravena; Carmen Borgia, Musician & Sound Designer, Nominated for an Emmy in Sound Design for PBS Nature’s An Original Duckumentary, Catskill; and David Woodin, Attorney, Conductor Catskill Community Orchestra, Catskill. The panel spent three hours jointly reviewing and discussing applications and comparing them against the criteria before making their recommendations. Requests for funding far exceeded available regrant monies. Final recommendations for funding were reached through clear consensus on May 6, 2015. This year’s award process was challenging, and GCCA is extremely grateful to these panelists for their hard work and dedication to the arts in Greene County.

The Greene County Council on the Arts congratulates all grant recipients. The intent of these awards is to ensure a wide range of exciting, high caliber, and innovative cultural programs for our communities. The activities of these organizations provide a positive and substantial impact on local economies and on the quality of our lives. The GCCA and the Greene County Legislature are committed to the continuation of quality arts programming and related activities for the benefit of our residents and visitors. Please keep these organizations in mind when planning activities and check local media sources for latest information on up-coming events


GCCA received requests from eleven cultural institutions totaling $50,482 – more than three times the amount of available regrant funds. Eleven CIP awards were awarded as follows:

Bronck Museum of the Greene County Historical Society was awarded $1,950 to continue, expand and promote cultural, educational, and arts programming, including Music of History series, Heritage Craft Fair and Chilly Willy Tours. Catskill Mountain Foundation, Inc. was awarded $2,320 support for artist fees and related costs for year-round performing arts programming, including dance, theater and music, at the Doctorow Center for the Arts and the Orpheum Performing Arts Center. Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc. (Altamura Center for the Arts) in Round Top was awarded $940 support for five Dinner Theatre Programs with separate themes. MJQ Irish Cultural & Sports Centre was awarded $1,560 support for Catskills Irish Arts Week. First time applicant Mountain Top Historical Society was awarded $880 support for mounting an exhibit consisting of 8-16 historic photos of prominent women of the Mountain Top in the 1913 Ulster & Delaware Train Station at MTHS. Music & Art Centre of Greene County was awarded $1,970 toward the 2015 season of summer concerts, classical music series and Ukrainian folk arts workshops at the Grazhda in Jewett Center. Planet Arts was awarded $1,380 toward support for the 2015 Music Mix & Jazz one2one Series. Thomas Cole National Historic Site – Cedar Grove in Catskill was awarded $2,100 in support for the exhibition of contemporary art entitled “River Crossings” that takes place on the grounds and in interiors of both TCNHS and the Olana State Historic Site, uniting the two historic sites encouraging audiences to confront cultural shifts between 19th Century and contemporary American art. Wave Farm was awarded $1,160 toward support for WGXC, a creative community radio as a public platform for information, experimentation and engagements as an artistic and creative medium, local programming, education and training. Windham Chamber Music Festival was awarded $2,190 in support for five concerts at the Windham Performing Arts Center in Windham. Zadock Pratt Museum was awarded $1,050 support for a full season of community and educational programs for all ages including an exhibit “Anti-Rent Wars” with art, artifacts and stories about the Catskill’s 1840’s revolution overthrowing the old world feudal system. This exhibit is in conjunction with the Mainly Greene “American Masquerade” project.

Congratulations again to these organizations that make such a difference in the quality of life in Greene County and the surrounding region. Please take a moment to thank the Greene County Legislature for its invaluable support through the Greene County Initiative Program. Write to Chairman Kevin Lewis, Greene County Legislature, 411 Main Street, P.O. Box 467, Catskill, NY 12414. Thank the legislature and let them know what these programs mean to you.