Wall Street to Main Street

This listing serves both as a calendar of theWall Street to Main Street events and documentation of this ten week expo designed to educate, engage and inspire participation in making a better world. Click on the links to see additional pictures, videos and information.



Saturday, March 17, Main Street galleries and windows unveiled 2-5 PM, Party at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street, Catskill NY  with Occupy Hudson Busk street musicians and Mark Skwarek’s Catskill Main Street augmented reality tour, The King’s Boat at dusk .

Opening Day Video

Sunday, March 25, 2 PM, Taha Adawallah, Palestinian visiting artist, screening The Thyme Sellera portrait of his mother’s struggle to make a living in Palestine’s border region, with Q&A following.

Monday, March 26, 11 AM, musicians, activists and actors, join veteran street performers from Bread and Puppet Theater rehearsing Upriser Calisthenics. Call the GCCA at 518/943-3400 to participate. Tuesday, March 27, 12 PM, Bread and Puppet Theater’sUpriser Calisthenics, Brandow’s Alley and Church Street.


Saturday, March 31, 7:45 PM Mark Read’s shape-shifting van, The Illuminator lights up Catskill’s Main Street. This mobile activist tool converts to an Occupy Wall Street library and cinema with hot cocoa and popcorn served while viewing short documentaries and cartoons about the Occupy movement. Pocket park at 355 Main Street, Catskill.   Also, meet guest artist, Elizabeth Blum, activating her streaming light projection installation at 365 Main Street, 9 PM.


Sunday, April 8, 6 PM. Mark Read and Sara Kendall To Be DeterminedWGXC 90.7-FM and online at wgxc.org broadcast interviews with Wall Street to Main Street artists and organizers.

Monday –Thursday, April 9 AM -12, PM,  What does liberty mean to you?  Help us create a new window for the Catskill Grocery with your ideas and portraits of you holding Lady Liberty’s torch .  Workshop for kids, families and everybody, at the Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street.

Sat, April 14, 3-5 PM, The public is invited to a Family Sing-along from 3-5 PM with an open mic hosted by Marilyn Miller and Occupy Hudson Busk musicians.


Friday, April 20, 5-7 PM, opening reception for The People’s Collection exhibit, Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street. Everyone is invited to participate!

Sunday, April 22,  1-3 PM, Art & The Commons: A FREE participatory presentation and workshop facilitated by Occupy Wall Street artists Maria Byck and Antonio Serna, alongside The People’s Collection exhibit, Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street. Beginning with basic questions what is art and culture? who defines and benefits from it? And what is your relationship to art, culture, artists?, artists Antonio Serna and Maria Juliana Byck facilitate this thought-provoking, participatory workshop. This is a chance to explore and expand of the basic definition of the commons, resources that are shared and managed by a community, to include art, culture, and ideas. With current and historical examples, we will examine the repercussions of a profit-driven art market and public participation in the creating of culture. This will lead into an exploration of ways in which local communities can create, share, and manage their own cultural commons.



Sat, April 28, 1-5 PM, The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, bring your own drawings or use one of ours to be magically transferred to a tortilla.  Print your tortilla in ink to keep, or chocolate to eat. Presented by West Coast conspirator/printmaker Jos Sances at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street.


Sat, April 28, 12-4, Artists in residence,abcdefgCORPS is an independant, autonomous agency that engages in free group activities with all people. Founded in 2010, all group activities may be ordered by post or by e-mail. abcdefgCORPS wants to meet you soon. You can contact theacbdefgCORPS at our website: http://cargocollective.com/abcdefgCORPS. The abcdefgCORPS is a similar manifestation of the OWS ideology; it relies heavily on group participation, show and tell, caring for one another and planting small seeds for sustainable, reliable local community.  Meet these them at, 462 Main Street.

 Saturday, April 28, 1-3, hands-on workshop with screen printing on t-shirts and patches + simple book making with guest artist Emily Breunig, The Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street.interaction is unique to the participants. Some group activities take longer to construct than others. abcdefgCORPS will work with you at your home or in any remotelocation. At Wall Street to Main Street the abcdefgCORPS will be recruiting new members and signing people up for private sessions. Activities range from 5 minute conversations to 12 hour long performative activity stints.

Saturday, April 28, 3-5 PM, Change is in the Air, workshop/seminar emphasizing empowering and practical steps we can take as individuals to harness and direct this energy of change. Whether you’re heeding the Mayan prophecies of cataclysmic change in 2012 or witnessing the upheavals of climate change, seismic tectonic shifts, the Arab Spring, and worldwide economic recession, you may be wondering what’s happening to our planet. Glenn Leisching, an initiated elder of the West African Dagara tribe, offers solutions based on ancient teachings about our relationships with nature and our familial ancestral heritage.  Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street.

Sun, April 29, 11 AM –1 PM, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Practice Where You Occupy, Session/Teach-In.  A look at the ground tactics and artifacts used for water, energy and food during the Liberty Park (Zucotti Park) occupation.  Why the embodiment of the values and principles was/is so important to the practice of occupation and how these strategies scale up to affect our main streets. Guest will include the team from Mobile Design Lab that built and installed a mobile water treatment system for the pop-up kitchen in the park and other OWS activists who created and maintained the bikes that generated the energy for the OWS media station and participated in helping to feed the thousands that came to the park, 408 Main Street.

Sun, April 29, 2 PM –4 PM, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Solution Sets for Main Street, Session/Teach-In.  In the first part, community members share Catskill’s special attributes and challenges. In the second part, we will re-imagine the ‘dream’ solution set(s) for Catskill/Main Street by drawing from the multitude of solutions shared in the exhibition as well as creating new ones, 408 Main Street. For more information on the Buckminster Fuller Challenge goMonday –Thursday, April 9 AM -12, PM,  What does liberty mean to you?  Help us create a new window for the Catskill Grocery with your ideas and portraits of you holding Lady Liberty’s torch .  Workshop for kids, families and everybody, at the Catskill Community Center, 344 Main Street. here: http://challenge.bfi.org/


Sat, May 5, 12-4, Meet guest artist, Jessica Eis at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street.

Sat, May 5, 4-6 PM, Sparrow,Speaking to the Gods poetry workshop, a “conversation” between ordinary people and great poets, listening to and reading Longfellow, Shelley, Milton, Langston Hughes and others. Participants may speak to the group about their political struggles, their spiritual life, their personal difficulties, take notes, make drawings, and create an informal exhibit of our work.  Occupy Books, 450 Main Street.

 Sat, May 5, 2-7 PM FREE Concert with singer-songwriters Carmen Borgia’s original protest songs, Marilyn Miller from Occupy Hudson Busk covering vintage protest songs, lyrical guitar virtuoso Gilles Malkine and Dave Lippman’s bitingly humorous parody sing-alongs + Michael Harris’ Ernest Song Project, an optimistic vision of the Occupy Movement at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street.


Sunday, May 6, 11 AM, Walking Salon Tour of WS2MS with Ellen Levy, a New York-based artist and educator, and past president of the College Art Association. Levy has exhibited her work widely, both in the U.S. and abroad, including solo exhibitions at the New York Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences. In 1985, she received an arts commission from NASA.  Meet at the Arts Council, 398 Main Street.



Saturday and Sunday, May 12/13, 10 AM-2 PM, Graffiti and Stencil Workshop with Canadian artist JoelRichardson. This 2-day spray paint stencil workshop incorporates Joel’s graphic figure the SUITMAN in a site specific design representing Catskill’s economic struggles.  Framed as an “exchange” with Joel, this workshop offers basic skills in stencil making and layered graffiti painting for teens and adults, with time to develop personalized imagery by each participant as layered paintings on salvaged auto parts and cardboard. Bring your own Exacto knife and extra blades. Fee of $50.00-includes all other materials. Call 518-943-3400 to register. Email GCCA@greenearts.org for more information. Two scholarships available.  Meet at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street.

Saturday, May 12, 2 PM, Mark Skwarek,The King’s Boat augmented reality tour.Download a free app (Android or iPhone) to experience this cutting edge technology at the intersection of video gaming and art. Be there to see the artist virtually flood Catskill’s Main Street.  Watch his car transform into a boat adrift amongst a layered landscape of reality and Hudson River School views.  Skwarek teaches new media at New York University and developed this app specifically for Catskill’s WS2MS project.  Meet at 372 Main Street.  FREE.


 Sat, May 12, 1 PM –3 PM, Franc Palaia, Solar-Bulb workshop, demonstrating an entirely green solution to amplifying light in off-the-grid sheds and other structures, 408 Main Street. FREE.


Saturday, May 12, 2-4, join poet Sparrow exploring silence as a political act.  The Silence Poetry workshoppays tribute to John Cage’s essential musical composition, 4′ 33″, which consists entirely of silence. Occupy Books, 450 Main Street. FREE.

Saturday, May 12, 12-4 PM, Zucotti Everywhere closing party and presentation of Occupy Wall Street films with guest artist Matthew Slaats, 420 Main Street. FREE.

Saturday, May 12, 5:30-6:30 PM, Guest artist Tara Raye Russo invites you to participate in Protest 2, a traveling experimental performance and video project aimed at gathering protesters and and creating awareness in support of organic farmers and a local economy.  Live at 420 Main Street. FREE. 5:30 sharp bring your voice, make it heard.


Saturday, May 12, 3-4 PM, Guest artist, Brett Messenger walk/talk about A Production of Sisyphus for Catskill, performance/sculpture hiring individuals to move rocks from one location to another, and back.  Sites between 388 and 340 Main Street.  FREE.


Sunday, May 13, Awaken the Dreamer/Changing the Dream inter-active workshop. Celebrate Mother Earth and Mothers Day while helping bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on earth.  10 AM – 3 PM, with potluck lunch. BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street, Catskill. $10 Suggested donation.




Saturday, May 19, 10AM -4:30PM + evening reception. Catskill Transition Day, a gathering of people focusing on the future of the Village of Catskill.  This all-day event will be facilitated by Pamela Boyce Simms, Woodstock Transition Team Initiator, Transition US Trainer, Development Officer of the KTD Monastery; and David McCarthy, a board member of Sustainable Hudson Valley. The Catskill Transition Day will begin with a morning Transition Initiative Overview Workshop (10:00 – 12:30), identifying the promise and challenges of the community and how we might nurture the brightest, most sustainable future for Catskill and its adjoining communities. Together we will learn ways to describe the issues of our times in ways that bring people together; receive tools for community outreach, education and creating shared vision; and consider the “inner transition” involved in moving toward simpler, sustainable lifestyles. Following a communal potluck lunch (12:30-2:00), the afternoon will be devoted to working groups exploring what issues arose in the morning, reconvening at day’s end to impart results (2-4:30). Our work together will be followed by a reception.  BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street, Catskill, NY.  FREE.



Monday, May 21, 4-5 PM, tune in to WGXC 90.7 FM or wgxc.org for a night of poetry, prose and non-fiction from OCCUPY BOOKS, the literary heart of the Wall Street to Main Street project.  At 6 PM, meet the writers at

Occupy Books, 450 Main Street in Catskill for a live event with dinner following at Wasana’s Thai Restaurant, 336 Main Street. Hosted by Fence Magazine founder and editor, Rebecca Wolf the evening includes readings by guest artists Sander Hicks, author of “Slingshot to the Juggernaut: Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.” newly published by Soft Skull Press; poet Sparrow reading from a recent lecture exploring the power of Silence; Sam Truittreading from his latest book of poems, Vertical Elegies- Street Mete with additional readings from poetRebecca Wolff.


Sat, May 26, 12-4 PM, Sharon Rosenzweig, Do-It-Yourself Investigative Cartooning Project, 398 Main Street, weather permitting. YOU are invited to create a cartoon character.   No art experience necessary.  Our sidewalk studio includes crayons, markers, pencils, paper and Sharon’s expertise to help you document yourself and others.  FREE.

Saturday, May 26, 4-6 PM, guest artist Matt Bua talk and sustainable structures drawing workshop, 408 Main Street. FREE.











Sat, May 26, 10-6, Occupy The Landscape, artist/activists Laurie Arbeiter and Sarah Wellington lead a 22 mile walk from Woodstock to Catskill wearing their “We Will Not be Silent” T-shirts and carrying signs bearing human rights slogans.  Inspirational messages motivate the walkers and provide context for motorists.  Walk 22 miles or join them for the final stretch ending with a  7 PM potluck dinner at Doubles II, 188 Water Street.  Sign up to walk, sponsor a walker, provide support or join us for dinner.




Sun, May 27, 12-2 PM, Occupy for Skeptics, A Brown Bag Lunch Workshop for skeptics and critics of the Occupy movement. Facilitated by Superglitch, New York City General Assembly, Occupy Books, 450 Main Street, Catskill.






Sunday, May 27, 2-4 PM.Wall Street to Main Street presents award-winning stage, screen and television talent, Danny Bryck in a staged reading of NO ROOM FOR WISHING a one-man documentary play about Occupy Boston, written and performed by the actor.  This script is written using exact words taken from interviews and recordings over the two months that protesters filled Dewey Square.  Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Bryck plays a series of characters in an up-close encounter with the social and political climate of our times, followed by an informal dialogue with the actor. Don’t miss this final act in the Wall Street to Main Street series.  Free admission at BRIK Gallery, 473 Main Street, Catskill NY.