Catskill Community Center

Catskill Community Center Catskill children had a great time during CCC’s 2021 Summer Fun Outdoor Recreation Program, which ran from July 6 through August 20 at Catskill’s Elliott Park, and featured active games, art projects, swimming, water play and more. PROJECT Summer Fun Outdoor Recreation Program COUNTY Greene Year 2021

Matt Bua

Matt Bua Matt Bua makes small-scale, improvised buildings, hand-built people’s museums and roadside attractions. His recent work takes the form of mystical spaces that redefine and re-imagine found objects – and sustainable resources – as functional elements in his building process. PROJECT “The Great Lithic Catskill Reveal of 2021” COUNTY Greene Year 2021

David McIntyre

David McIntyre David McIntyre is a Scottish photographer, filmmaker, and artist residing in Upstate New York. Located in the heart of the 700-acre Greenport Conservation Area, the installation comprises twelve rectangular archways arranged in a nineteen-foot diameter circle. “I want visitors to become aware of the distress we are causing Nature and to share vicariously in… Continue reading David McIntyre

Wave Farm

Wave Farm A dynamic and innovative incubator for artists’ experiments withbroadcast media and the airwaves. Each year the program at 90.7-FM WGXC provides visiting artists with unique space and resources tocreate new transmission art works and conduct research about the genre. PROJECT Operational Funding COUNTY Greene Year 2021

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