Upcoming Exhibitions

GCCA’s 2018 Group and Solo Exhibitions 

January 27 – March 10 – Ginnie Gardiner & Martin Katzoff: Conversations in Color

GCCA launches its 2018 season with ‘Ginnie Gardiner & Martin Katzoff: Conversations in Color.’ The concept of the exhibition came from a pairing of the two artists’ works at the Patricia Field ArtFashion show in October 2017 by production designer Geoff Howell. GCCA’s Visual Arts Director, Niva Dorell, was struck by the similarities in gesture and flow between the two artists’ vibrant paintings, which seemed to talk to each other from across time and canvases.

March 17 – April 21 – Outside the Lines (group show)

GCCA is proud to present its 38th annual youth arts exhibit Outside the Lines 2018, featuring artwork by pre-K through Grade 12 students from Greene County public, private and home schools.

April 28 – June 9 – Resident Alien (group show)

With all the talk of immigration in the news lately, we thought it would be illuminating to highlight some of the many artists who emigrated or relocated to the Hudson Valley from other countries. Foreign-born artists are being asked to submit work that speaks to their original homeland, their journey to their new homeland, or simply expresses something about themselves.

 April 28 – June 9 – Norman Hasselriis (solo show)

Legendary assemblage artist Norman Hasselriis, who lived in Oak Hill, NY and whose father emigrated here from Denmark in 1901, will have a solo show retrospective in our second floor gallery concurrently with Resident Alien.

June 16 – August 4 – New School (group show)

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Thomas Cole’s first Atlantic crossing, when he emigrated from England to the United States in 1818, GCCA will present a group exhibition of local artists who create artwork inspired by the Hudson River School that Cole founded. This exhibition is open to all media and will have a co-curator (TBD).

June 16 – August 4 – Caitlin Parker (solo show)

Caitlin Parker makes textile art using local plants, natural dyes, and cyanotype. Her work will be presented in the second floor gallery concurrently with New School.

August 11 – September 22 – No Nudes No Sunsets (group show)

While there are still some doubters out there, photography was firmly established as a legitimate art form many decades ago. This photography exhibition provides an opportunity for local photographers to show us what they’ve got. The title No Nudes No Sunsets refers to what co-curator, photographer Alon Koppel, does not want to see. Rather, the exhibition will display photos that are fresh, interesting and go beyond the simple Pavlovian click of a camera, photographs that involve some method of thinking about contemporary image-making.

September 29 – November 10 – LIT (group show)

As fall begins and the days get shorter, GCCA will present an exhibition of light art to be displayed in the gallery, the village/town of Catskill and mountain areas.  Light art or Luminism is an applied art form in which light is the main medium of expression. It is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a “sculpture” through the manipulation of light, colors, and shadows. Co-curator TBD

November 17, 2018 – January 12, 2019 – Winter Salon – Holiday Gifts (group/members show)

The highly anticipated salon show featuring original artwork and hand built crafts by GCCA Artist Members. Entries are limited to 24 inches in length and width. The average price of artwork is $300 or less. All works are by current GCCA Members.

 January 26, 2019 – March 2019* – Coping: Art to Process Illness, Decay, and Loss (group show)

This exhibition will focus on artists using the process of creating art as a means to process and cope with a diagnosis, long-term illness (mental and physical), decay, and loss. The show was inspired by Bruce Hopkins, who is currently working on a journaling project, begun after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Hopkins has focused on his writing as a way to stave off the effects of the disease, as well as sketch studies of fallen leaves, to explore the process of decay. His niece Ashley Hopkins-Benton will curate. She is the senior historian and curator of social history at the New York State Museum.

(*exact dates will be determined later in 2018)




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