Free to Create: Grant for Black Artists

Grant for Black Artists Living in the Hudson Valley

First Round of Applications Due: August 28th(Second round in Spring 2021)


Free Columbia is partnering with CREATE Council on the Arts to administer Free to Create, a grant program for black artists awarding grants ranging from $500-$1000. Black artists have been marginalized and ignored for centuries, and are often missing the support to even begin. Creative activity is what can change the world for the better. We want to offer this grant to black artists to support their work and help form a more equitable art community. In this time where racial justice issues are erupting all over our country we want to support work that examines the present while envisioning the future. During a time of upheaval and despair we want to support the power of creative activity in individuals. We believe that this creative activity will act as the catalyst for individual and societal transformation.

This grant funds black artists who are inspired to use their creative work to enlighten and bring change into the world. We want to fund the young black man who is playing music on his front steps every night but who needs a better instrument, we want to fund the woman who has stories to tell but no time to write them down, we want to fund the dancer moving with compassion through the world, who has no venue. And so many others. We ask the question: What do you need to bring your creative activity into the world?

Free to Create funds creative projects for black artists living in Columbia, Greene and Schoharie Counties NY.  To be considered for this grant, apply online by August 28th, 11:59pm.

To donate to support this Grant, please use the Paypal Button below, or send checks to PO Box 463, Catskill, NY, 12414.

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