On this page, you’ll find instructions and guidelines related to many of the programs and services we offer at the CREATE Council on the Arts. Take a look through the list – chances are, you’ll find something helpful!

SCR Grants

If you have a question about applying for a SCR grant, please look through this page before asking a coordinator! As always, the grant coordinator ( is available for help.

How To:

Download/Use the Budget Sheet (in Excel)

Download/Use the Budget Sheet (in Numbers)

Download/Print Your Application (on Windows)

Access Past Submissions on SmarterSelect

Upload Files to your Application on SmarterSelect

Computer Skills

Reduce PDF File SizeArts Alive

If you have a question about Arts Alive!, please look through this page before asking the Editor! As always, the Editor (Sharon Shepherd, is available for help, but these guides may answer your questions more quickly and thoroughly (plus you don’t have to wait for an email back!).

More to come!


Diversity Style Guide – guide on how to correctly refer to different groups of people

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